Ambiguous Ethnicity Interracial Families in London. Author: Susan Benson

Ambiguous Ethnicity Interracial Families in London. Author: Susan Benson

  • Author: Susan Benson
  • Date Published: January 1982
  • access: Available
  • structure: Paperback
  • isbn: 9780521297691

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In a culture where competition is an important element of social identification and exerts an essential impact on social relationships, the issues faced by partners whom get into ‘mixed’ marriages are specially hard. The guide is a research associated with the individual records and everyday life of the number that is small of families residing in and around Brixton, south London, within the very early 1970s. Dr Benson sets the circumstances that confront these families inside the context of wider British attitudes about competition, color and miscegenation while they developed as time passes. She contends that partners are obliged in order to make a series that is continual of between ‘black’ and ‘white’ for the duration of their everyday everyday lives. The book explores how people in London thought and felt about race, colour and social identity through a discussion of these choices and of the factors which lead individuals to enter into a marriage which could be regarded with some disapproval. It is of great interest to all or any instructors and pupils learning competition relations, along with to social and community employees, college instructors and administrators focused on competition relations plus the city that is inner.

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  • Date Published: January 1982
  • structure: Paperback
  • isbn: 9780521297691
  • size: 184 pages
  • proportions: 216 x 140 x 11 mm
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    Directory of maps and diagrams Preface 1. Racial intermarriage in England 2. The pattern of interracial unions in England today 3. Launching Brixton together with borough of Lambeth 4. The social realm of Brixton 5. The characteristics of interracial wedding option 6. dealing with opposition: the responses of relatives and buddies 7. The construction of the domestic globe 8. The construction of a universe that is social. Located in a split community 10. moms and dads and kids 11. Concluding remarks Appendix 1. The investigation task: development and methodology Appendix 2. The calculation of births by parental origin that is ethnic Index.

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    Susan Benson

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