By Julija Hmeljak I’m not going to lie; I am no computational biologist. Even though anything “omics” has been all the rage in cancer research for the past decade, I used to sit firmly on the “Genomics Papers Are Boring” train. But the day came when, out of necessity, I started reading papers on genomics, and the subject itself blew my little mind. Since cancer research occupies approximately 45 % of
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  By Melissa A. Deri, PhD                 Overview This panel was organized by NYC Science Communication, with the support from The Office of Career Planning and Professional Development at The Graduate Center, The City University of New York, in order to provide an overview of medical communications, a look at what the job entails, and how to approach the current career landscape. The
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By Yue Liu                      For any aspiring medical writer, the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) can provide valuable professional resources and volunteering opportunities. In this article, Qing Zhou, PhD, ELS, shares how educational and volunteering experiences at AMWA both catalyzed her professional growth and facilitated her transition from a graduate student and bench scientist to a ten-year medical writing veteran. Interviewee:
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