Volunteer With Us!

By Yue Liu and Anand S. Devasthanam


Photo credit:  Anand S. Devasthanam


Open Position: Program Planning Chair

NYC SciComm does more for you than helping you improve your science communication skills. As a volunteer, you will have the unique opportunity to add value and be of service to a growing community of scientific communicators. This opportunity will help you strengthen your leadership skills, expand your professional network, and outshine the competition as you move forward with the next exciting step in your career.

NYCSciComm is looking for people like you to help strategize, plan, and implement our future events. No experience? No problem. As long as you are a responsible person with a passion for volunteering and helping others, you will find a place on our team. We look forward to providing you with appropriate support and guidance from the beginning to the end! You will be acknowledged as one of the Program Planning Chairs for the event that you will help with.

Please send your volunteer interest to NYCSciComm@gmail.com with the subject line “NYCSciComm Volunteer Interest in Program Planning Chair: [YOUR NAME].” We are also on the lookout for people interested in outreach, fundraising, editing, newsletter content writing, and art design. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Why volunteer?

Connect with people

Strive for the greater good

Improve your communication and leadership skills

Share your experience and ideas

Uncover your hidden potential


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