Workshop on Essential Skills in Job Search and Career Advancement

NYC Science Communication is proud to announce our next free workshop on Essential Skills in Job Search and Career Advancement, in collaboration with CUNY ASRC, Futureworks, and Dandan Global.

When: 6pm, Thursday, May 25th 2017 

Where: CUNY ASRC (1st Floor) Auditorium, 85 Saint Nicholas Terrace, New York, NY


Streamed live at:

In this workshop, you will learn how to build your communication skills, soft skills, and methodology to gain employers’ or investors’ interest in a PhD graduate or a startup.

As a headhunter, Dandan Zhu worked with Life Sciences Venture Capital firms, Fortune 500, and startups to find the best talent from CEO-level to scientist. Having seen the firsthand challenges PhD graduates face when transitioning into industry from academia, Dandan will share real-world strategies on how to achieve your career goals. The workshop will focus on:

  • The Elevator Pitch: How do you describe yourself effectively to investors and employers?
  • Sales Skills: How to build rapport and attract investors and employers immediately?
  • Negotiation: How to negotiate your salary and business collaboration plan?
  • The Close: How to reach an agreement to invest into each other
  • Continuing Skills to Build: Charisma-building, relationship development, and self-promotion skills for professional development
  • Resources: Books, workshops, ideas to continue developing your skills.


Program Planning Chair: Jiye Son

Acknowledgement: This is a free event thanks to the great support of CUNY ASRC, Futureworks NYC, and Dandan Global. NYC SciComm also likes to thank its volunteer Program Planning Chair, Jiye Son, and NanoFab Director, Jacob Trevino, who helped built the connections of all parties involved and made this event possible.